Madarao Kogen: Ski Lift Passes & Discount Coupons

Myoko Ski Lift Passes & Discount Coupons

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For Myoko ski lift passes information, Myoko joint resort passes and discount lift passes for the 2016/17 Japan ski season you can find a number of Myoko Lift Passes and Discount Coupons information below. Alternatively you can try the official resort sites which can be found via the resort links at the bottom of the page.

Ski rental Myoko Akakura Onsen

Myoko Ski Lift Passes & Discount Coupons

Buying Myoko ski tickets from you accommodation

Please note there are 4 different local resorts without one common ticket, (7 if you include Seki Onsen, Madarao Kogen and Tangram), except for Myoko Big-4 Lift Pass (see below). Many hotels sell discounted passes at reception for most of the resorts, as well as discount coupons that can be used. As a rule of thumb allow 3,000-4,000 each day per person. Most go around 3,200-3,400.

Myoko Super Big-4 Lift Pass & Myoko Big-4 One-Day Lift Pass

The Myoko Super Big-4 Lift Passes are a special ski lift ticket price but they are only available to guests staying at particular hotels listed with the official Myoko Tourism Site. Hence we cannot provide details on the Myoko Big 4 ski lift passes.

It is our opinion that these Myoko Big-4 Lift Passes are poor value. At 38,000 for only 10 days on a Myoko Super Pass you are paying more per day than nearly all of the discount offers available below or buying at your hotel reception. And 4,600 for a one day Myoko ski pass is substantially above other available passes. Additionally these passes do not include Seki Onsen, Madarao Kogen and Tangram.

Myoko Big 4 Pass v Myoko season ticket

Also, why not buy a whole Myoko season pass for nearly the same price? It’s only 46,000 if you buy it before October 31 (normal price 51,500 yen) AND you are not forced to stay in certain hotels. Let us help you book the best Myoko accommodation deal and then buy your season pass.

Mt. Myoko Pass

You can ski three major resorts in one day with the daily Mt. Myoko Pass for only ¥5,000 (¥3,500 child). Myoko Ski Area offers a pass that covers three of the main Myoko ski resorts – Akakura Kanko Ski ResortIkenotaira Ski Resort and Myoko Suginohara Ski Resort – all connected by the Myoko shuttle.

self contained myoko accommodation - Red Warehouse Myoko
Family ski club lodge in Myoko, Akakura Onsen. Central location.

Myoko Akakura Snow Area Pass

The Myoko Akakura Snow Area Pass provides visitors Myoko ski lift passes to all lifts in the Akakura Kanko and Akakura Onsen ski areas for ¥5,000 (adult) or ¥3,700 (child). Two days (¥9,400/6,700) are also available. You can also collect coupons from your hotel for ¥4,800 (adult) or ¥3,600 (child).

Mt. Myoko Super Pass

The Mt. Myoko Super Pass covers three of the popular resorts in Akakura Kanko Ski Resort, Ikenotaira Ski Resort and Myoko Suginohara Ski Resort — costing just ¥51,500 for a season pass. A pdf form is available here which can be filled in and emailed straight to the Myoko Tourist Office. Another great option for those on a long-term visit, or resident in Japan.

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Myoko-Nagano Ski Pass – all-access ski lift pass/coupon book

Now ski 22 ski resorts in northern Nagano and Myoko! Get access to ALL ski resorts in the following cities and towns: Iiyama ・Nakano ・ Myoko ・ Iizuna ・ Shinanomachi ・ Yamanouchi ・ Kijimadaira ・ Sakaemura ・ Nozawa Onsen. See Explore the Heart of Japan for more details. Only 21,000 for a book of 5 tickets.

Myoko Kogen Discount Tickets, Ski Lift Coupons and Packages.

If arriving very early in the season (before late December) or during late spring season you can often pick up day ski lift passes at a discounted rate – sometimes as low as 2,000 per day. Check at the individual Myoko lift ticket selling points or check with your Myoko accommodation provider.

Numerous bargain ski packages can be found at the local resorts – particularly mid-week or in low season. As an example Ikenotaira offered a mystery ‘black box’ package of hotel, 2 meals, onsen and lift ticket starting at just 5,000 yen. Otherwise check at one of the local tourist offices for some of the many packages and coupons before heading up the mountain.

One major alternative (if you are staying off-mountain) is that discount tickets and packages can be purchased at the local 7-11 stores before heading up the mountain. For example Ikenotaira last year offered a lift ticket, onsen and drink on certain days for only 2,500 yen. Discount coupons are also sometimes available at the Myokokogen Tourist Centre near the station (see map).

2015/16 lift bargains, coupons and ski lift prices. Myoko ski lift passes

Myoko Ski Resort Lift Coupons

Akakura Onsen discount lift pass coupons 2015/16

General conditions

Availability: December 21st 2015 – March 23rd 2016

Purchase: Print the relevant page and present at the ticket office. You can purchase up to 5 tickets


  • Children: elementary school age
  • Senior: 60 years of age or older
  • Preschoolers ski free during the season

Akakura Onsen Day Ticket

Day tickets
Adult 3,500 yen (normally 4,200 yen).
Children & seniors  now 2,500 yen.

Night Ski
Adults 1,500 yen (was 2,500).Children and Seniors 750 yen.

Lucky Sunday Tickets

This deal provides 1,000 back on a lift ticket – but only on the days listed.

December 2013: 22nd, 29th
January 2014: 5th, 12th, 19th, 26th
February 2014: 2nd, 9th, 16th, 23rd
March 2014: 2nd, 9th, 16th, 23rd

2015/16 dates TBA

3,900 yen ⇒ adult now 2,900 yen
2,700 yen ⇒ Children and Seniors now 1,700 yen

Akakan Ski lift Discount Coupons

See here for Akakura Kanko (Akakan) discount ski coupons & Blackbox accommodation discounts.

Myoko ski lift passes - Akakura Kanko

Tokyo - Great hotels at reasonable prices

Myoko Suginohara discount ski lift coupons & vouchers

See here for the page and to download coupons (use Chrome or Google Translate)

Myoko ski lift passes - Suginohara

Or check the Snow Navi page for discounted Suginohara lift ticket coupons


Ikenotaira discount ski lift coupons & Blackbox accommodation discounts.

See here for a large range of Ikenotaira Onsen discount ski lift tickets


Or see here to download more Ikenotaira Onsen discount coupons


Ski discount coupons for Madarao Kogen


Ski discount coupons for Tangram Ski Circus


Ski discount coupons for Kurohime Kogen

Myoko ski lift passes - Ikenotaira

Charmant Hiuchi ski lift discount coupon


Japan Ski Discount Coupon Websites

These websites cover ski resorts all over Japan. When viewing you will need to translate in Chrome or Google Translate (unless you know Japanese). Some offers expire very early in the season. Some coupons can be downloaded, some are sent via email and others need to be posted. If the latter you will require a local address in Japan.

Not sure about where to look for Myoko ski lift passes? Click here for the full Myoko Kogen ski area map and interactive ski guide or click on the resort links below


Myoko Kogen Ski Resorts & Surrounds
Togakushi Snow World
 Nozawa Onsen
Ryuoo Ski Park
Wakabuna Kogen
Kyukamura Myoko
Togari Onsen
Kitashinshu Shinanodaira


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